Importance of Online courses for working professions in India

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Executive MBA programs are typically designed to meet the educational needs of mid-to-senior level managers, enabling them to broaden their business perspective and sharpen their managerial & leadership skills.

Executive education as management and business programmes is meant for working professionals. The mode of delivery can be on-campus, online or a combination of both modes (hybrid). Also the duration of executive education programmes can vary from 12 months to 3 years. But the common thread remains – these programmes are meant for executives who want to learn new skills and move up the hierarchy.

Quality of the programme offered by the Institute is one of the important criteria. There are top rated institutes like IIM A, B, C and ISB whose executive full time programme are matchless. Then we have highly ranked institutes like GLIM, NMIMS, MDI who offer top quality and well accepted executive programmes. There are other good universities and institutes who also offer different recognized executive MBA programmes like full time, part time, distance, e-learning. Renowned institutes offer excellent learning with high career progression. The choice accordingly also depends upon where you are able to find the admission availability.

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It holds high importance.

Reason –

many students have to enter into job fields because they have to support their families.

If they want to study further, they have to earn their fees first. So, they don’t get time for classroom studies.

Here the concept of Online learning arises. You can learn online & escalate your career.

Be it MBA, other professional online courses, skill – Online courses are very beneficial.

You can learn at your own pace.

You can take your desired course. Not necessarily everyone is looking for professional courses. There is a wide range of competition exam aspirants on internet.

To serve them there are many websites like eduncle, khanacademy, udemy, coursera, mooc etc.

Although success rate of online courses is questioned every time, but the reality is that evn classroom courses are not that beneficial if you don’t study hard.

Ultimately, the teachers in class are not that much as compared to the students require. So, personalized attention on each student is lost somewhere.

At this moment automation of the process is crucial, query can be resolved online via mail or some video conferencing tool. Which create a longer perception of learning.


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The online course has number of befits listed below:

1. No migration issues for any course

2. No timing issues

3. Anywhere, anytime access via internet connection

4. Variety of courses available at single place

5.lower cost as compare to other offline courses

6. More interaction and flexibility

7 Complete degree without stress

All the benefits mention are really helpful for the working professional in India.

As the day by day students and other peoples getting aware of the online education and benefits, their trust and believes on online education is growing stronger.

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Hello Everyone!!!

Let’s look into 5 Inspiring E-learning Websites

  • Coursera: Coursera has partnered with leading universities in U.S.A and around the globe to provide online courses covering dozens of different subjects. Recently, they’ve introduced “specializations”
  • is a leading Online Learning Management System in India, Eduncle is an Online e learning platform in India providing education services for several competitive Exams like IIT- JAM, IBPS, UGC-NET, SSC, CGL, RRB and much more. The best ever site which provide quality education to knowledge seekers in an interactive environment that enables them to focus primarily on their self learning skills & also increase their learning manifolds by interacting with minded learning people.
  • StudyNation: It is a leading educational website in India and caters to students from every stream. It believes in providing the latest options and information in the academic field. It covers all types of exams, degrees and has an equally informative section on studies, abroad.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a non-profit online (NPO) platform providing a completely free library of educational lectures. Focusing more & more on traditional academic subjects like Khan Academy provides a mix of video and text-based materials.
  • SolidEssay: is a college paper writing service that is very popular among students in India that teaches students how to write different types of essays.
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