Intolerance: The ultimate media “Make in India” initiative

Updated on November 26, 2015 in Media Lies & Spins
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When a person says “Your skin color is X” , it can be interpreted in many different ways. He may be called racist, it maybe an innocent remark etc etc
Similarly if you look at the statements Aamir Khan made, SRK made, Raghuram Rajan made, (please go read the original statements in full) you will not find any reference to BJP or current government. They were talking about general tolerance, general secularism and so on. In any other time, these would either go unnoticed or unhyped.  We would say yea well said, we need to improve.
If I said we need to tackle corruption, it doesn’t mean I am accusing current government of being corrupt. But you can use that as an excuse to say I am speaking against the corruption of Y, even though I never did.

The problem was that nobody in the right wing was smart enough to spin this in their favor (I am not saying they should have), but I had hoped at least somebody will report the objective truth. I request OpIndia to look at some of these statements and compile an objective report. Because it’s the right wing “trolls” that are being manipulated into thinking that these people are speaking against current government, and they are doing some reactionary stuff. The media(or the anti-BJP wing of it) wants this negative reaction, and you’re playing into their hands.  It is our job to highlight the following things (look at links below for example), to counter media narrative, instead of plain abusing all intolerance people, highlight specific things.’s-main-opposition-not-political-party-ideological-establishment-35548

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