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2 on December 6, 2015

My question to OpIndia is is supporting ‘AAP’s crusade for honest politics’ and supporting AAP, the party, the same thing?

 – In your article ‘Media and Kejriwal look other way as celebrity AAP supporters use filthiest abuses on Twitter’ it is said “that Mika Singh was confirmed as an AAP supporter by party supremo Arvind Kejriwal, who also follows him on Twitter:” and to prove that statement the following tweet by Arvind Kejriwal is used

Best wishes Mika. U always supported AAP’s crusade for honest politics. God bless u in ur endeavors.”


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1 on January 2, 2016

OpIndia is clearly a biased website , and you are unlikely to get any meaningful response to your question here.

Any party , whether it is the Congress , BJP , AAP or any other party , should be appreciated for its honest endeavour and any party which indulges in doublespeak and degrades the political arena with falsehood , and abuse against criticism , should be called out.

A similar argument goes for religion ; any religion , whether it is Hiduism , Islam or Christianity or Sikhism / Jainism / any of the other minority religions , should be called out if their followers indulge in similar actions.

I have yet to see a single website following such impartial reportage / editorial stance.


on January 24, 2016

In reply to your statement, I would like to say that the concern is not regarding ‘bias’. In my short stint at following national and international media and from your own admission it does seem that bias is inevitable while reporting. A large section of the online population are angry that the main stream media is too biased towards the left. The solution is i> reporter/agency may be upfront about his/her bias AND ii> the argument it puts forth should be solid. OpIndia, with fair consistency, does get the no. ii part alright. But when it doesn’t, readers ought to demand an explanation.

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