Would a youtube channel help RW ?

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1 on March 17, 2016

So I’ve been following most of the RW twitter celeb and I could tell they have a pretty good fan following combined. 2 incidents triggered this idea in my mind and I’m sure lot of people would have thought about this already. Since I am not sure where to put this idea so it could be heard/read by someone who has a decent following, I will put it out here.

One of the incident was when Nupur showed up on Shiv Aroor’s interview and how she didn’t miss a chance to call out the radia girl. Second was the viral video of Smiriti ji’s speech. Combined this two and I started thinking how videos have more reach on FB and other platform and how the visuals stick to people. Also for the fact that we have got media on backfoot but now doesn’t look like it’s getting anywhere and we need to push more and need a new platform.

On twitter with thousands of followers if few of these RW twebs could get together to start a youtube channel, it could easily pick up many views and few viral videos will get the wheel spinning. The advantage could be we could have our own debates with our own narrative and our own panelist on board. We could spread positive news, call out media spins, even debate on the newshour debates itself, how BJP spokespersons could have responded and what not. Just get the RW celebrities on skype group calls for the debates and with their thousands of following spreading the word shouldn’t be that hard. We have the best analysts, data miners, fact checkers etc on twitter. If it could really gain enough popularity, who knows, it could probably attract even bigger celebrities who are right leaning. It could give voice to many. I know I am stretching all this a bit but I would really like if someone could make this happen. I mean if AIB videos can go viral why not this, right?

What do you guys think.

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Videos are largely successful on social media. Specially short video >3 min are considered a perfect regime of viral content.

Human behavior studies says that human are more attracted to visuals than text. If you have a vision to present content in visual form then be it infographics, images or listicles. It will be well received.


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